What next for the fintech revolution?

Why we may never think of or handle ‘money’ the same way again

The world has never quite seen anything like the combination of financial innovation and digital technology that has spawned the ‘fintech’ phenomena. Financial transactions -- more commonly known as the sale and purchase of almost anything -- now take place on a scale, in a manner and at a speed that has made the services once rendered by the traditional banking sector almost seem quaint. From blockchain to bitcoin, from buying insurance to health services, fintech is transforming the way we consume as well as how we transact. And the fintech industry is maturing fast. The era of start-ups and disrupters has given way to consolidation and cooperation as traditional incumbents focus on technology and innovation: they want to ride the next wave rather than be sunk by it. And the development of AI and the ‘internet of things’ mean that fintech has further to go than even its most ardent enthusiasts imagine.

  • Who’s faster and who’s first: Where – and why - is fintech making the biggest inroads?
  • Risk management: Are we wise to relinquish this to AI?
  • Regulation: Can governments get the balance right between convenience and calamity.
  • Can fintech spare us from another global financial crisis?