Prime Minister Narendra Modi must deliver on his promises if he is to return to power at next year’s election.

India aspires to remain one of the fastest-growing large economies, but Modi’s government has had to contend with slowdowns and the problem of jobless growth. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has enjoyed success in state elections, but there are signs of popular dissent against its nationalism and anti-secularism; and under its new leader, Rahul Gandhi, the main opposition Congress party is reviving its fortunes. Meanwhile, India is drawing closer to the United States, Japan and Australia as it looks to secure its neighbourhood. Delhi has ambitious plans to invest in infrastructure across Asia and Africa to counter China’s influence.

  • On what sort of alliances might Modi depend at the election to expand beyond the BJP’s heartlands?
  • Will high-profile caste violence exacerbate accusations that the BJP fosters social inequality and discrimination?
  • Can Modi create enough jobs to cater for India’s growing labour pool?
  • Will India indeed be a cornerstone of a new ‘Indo-Pacific’ region?