South-east Asia

Making a reality of regional integration is a key test for South-east Asia. It also matters for governments and business.

This is a pivotal time for South-east Asia.
Growth rates are enviable, middle-class spending power is rising and economic and social development is transforming the built environment. But if they are to harness these opportunities, governments must prioritise the rule of law; enhance internal and external security; and undertake regulatory reform.
These are complicated, long-term undertakings. They must be engaged in the context of increasingly assertive China and uncertainty over what the Trump administration means for the region.

  • What next for US policy towards South-east Asia?
  • How will Beijing leverage its influence in ASEAN and South-east Asia, and to what end?
  • Will Thailand next year begin the transition from military to civilian rule?
  • Will the economically smaller Mekong countries Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar reform quick enough to attract foreign capital?