How is political risk management changing?

In an increasingly complex world, global firms and governments must grapple with the fact that political risk is on the rise

Geopolitical threats are always changing; how are companies changing their practices and policies to meet today’s challenges? Current threats range from creeping authoritarianism in major markets such as Hungary, Turkey and Russia to geopolitical risks in the “advanced economies,” including populism, polarization and sovereign default. Our panelists, charged with political risk management at major corporations, will discuss their responses. What mitigation strategies are they using, from scenario planning to hedging? Where is responsibility for political risk management located? What changes have been made in political risk management practices, and why? A management survey of political risk, specially conducted for the occasion by Willis Towers Watson and Oxford Analytica, will also contribute a broader perspective.

  • What political risks in what global regions are of greatest concern?
  • How have techniques and responsibilities for identifying and monitoring political risk changed?
  • What has compelled changes – shifting risks, stakeholder pressure, loss experience, or something else?


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