Latin America

Politically, Latin America is the 'benign' continent. Is the economic outlook equally encouraging?

Within Latin America, Mexico and Central America are the countries most affected by policy shifts in Washington, reliant as they are on exports, remittances and manufacturing investment.  

Yet beyond the widely unpopular wall project, Donald Trump has paid relatively less attention to the region further south.  At least some of those countries may benefit, especially if US-Mexico frictions lead Mexico to seek alternative sources of food imports. 

However, the shift towards the political right and greater trade openness in Latin America may be truncated, on the grounds that they are seen increasingly to be futile as well as unpopular.

  • Will Latin America see a return to the supposedly discredited ‘pink tide’?
  • Will long-underdeveloped efforts at regional trade integration gain priority post-NAFTA and TPP?
  • What are the benefits for Mexico, and how will they affect next year’s elections?
  • Will Chinese investment and involvement in the region increase?