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Highlights 2014

Paddy Ashdown, Former Liberal Democrat leader

Islamic State is the tip of the iceberg

Paddy Ashdown
Former Liberal Democrat leader

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Members of the 'Hinge Events' panel, Global Horizons 2014

What's Next? 'Hinge Events' in 2015

Panel discussion highlights

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Interviews 2014

Graham Hutchings, Managing Director, Oxford Analytica

Open business is under threat

Graham Hutchings
Managing Director, Oxford Analytica

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Cho Khong Chief Political Analyst Shell Strategy and Scenarios Team

How shifts in the global order are shaping Shell

Cho Khong
Chief Political Analyst, Shell

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Victoire de Groote, Global Head of Country Risk, HSBC

Markets' complacency is a danger

Victoire de Groote
Global Head of Country Risk, HSBC

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Anne Richards, CIO, Aberdeen Asset Management

Lost generation: are the young the prisoners of the old?

Anne Richards
CIO, Aberdeen Asset Management

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David Remnitz, Forensic Technology & Discovery, EY

On the frontier of the war against cybercrime

David Remnitz
Forensic Technology & Discovery, EY

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