What next for the fintech revolution?

Fintech’s capacity to ‘disrupt’ is well understood. Its potential to maximise returns is no less striking

As technology and innovation continue their disruptive paths across the financial services landscape, all parts of the value chain are seeking to understand the implications and harness the opportunities for growth and optimization, as well as guard against being dislocated. Fintech is a broad category that could apply to any intersection of financial services and technology. This session will examine the impact on the specific world of private wealth management, while teasing out some of the wider implications for both corporate and individual behaviour. To capture the arc of these trends, we will be asking the following questions:

  • Who’s faster and who’s first: Where – and why - is fintech making the biggest inroads? Differentiating between bitcoin as a new asset class and blockchain as a new technology, we will explore where does blockchain have the most significant impact for financial services

  • The rise of the robo-advisor: Many major financial services firms have or are in the process of launching robo-advisors. What is the future of “financial advice” and human financial advisors? Will robo-advice ever grow into the ‘family office space’?

  • Risk management: Given inextricability of the Wealth Graph with the Risk Graph, can AI and firms such as Palantir help address this challenge? Will fintech spare us from, or present us with, another global financial crisis?

  • What technological advancements will advance or disrupt the growth of global family offices?


  • Global Head of Innovation
    Thomson Reuters
  • Professor of Finance
    University of Liverpool
  • Pioneer and serial entrepreneur in the wealth data and intelligence arena

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