The World of Work

The phrase ‘things will never be the same again’ really does apply to the future of work.

Huge changes are underway as the digital economy penetrates the work place and transforms labour markets. Even bigger ones are in store as ICT reconfigures much of the global economy, from making to mining, farming to finance, and much else besides. Many businesses, governments and ordinary citizens are poorly prepared for the coming upheaval, perhaps because of fear or lack of familiarity with what is coming down the track. It is time to expel doubts and highlight the potential as well as the perils that digitisation, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics entail for employment, productivity, society and return on investment. Challenges abound; there is no doubt about that. But the ‘future of work’ also holds huge promise.

  • Who’s first? Which sectors, countries and corporations are best prepared for the ‘future of work’?
  • Disruption dangers: How will societies, including firms and governments, cope with the dividends and the disruptions that lie in store?
  • How ‘smart’ can AI get and who will benefit?