Renewable Energy

Global Energy: Truncated transition?

There is not much doubt about what we must do if we are to limit global warming. We must replace carbon fuels with low or zero carbon alternatives; contain emissions from fossil fuels; and reduce energy consumption by improving efficiency. Yet in various parts of the world each of these remedies pose huge challenges -- financial and technological, political and regulatory. Powerful vested interests are often at stake. And for many countries, radical changes in the global energy mix promise to have profound geopolitical consequences, some of them welcome, others much less so. Technology and innovation are at the heart of the great global energy transition: renewables have never been so attractive commercially or so inventive. Yet both energy demand and carbon emissions are still rising, which means the battle – let alone the war – to secure a low-carbon future is far from over.

  • Renewables at the ready: The most promising technologies and the strengths and weaknesses of the ‘early adopters’
  • Slow death or secure future? What next for the world’s leading fossil fuel exporters and companies?
  • Coal, gas and nuclear: What is their role in the global energy mix and will it be a source of geopolitical tension?
  • Is China leading the charge on the ‘great transition’?


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