In Search of Sustainability

Keeping the world fed and watered without ruining the ecosystem is a key issue of our times

With ever increasing population levels coming up against finite resources in terms of land, soil, air and water, the need for sustainable food production is imperative. The world’s agricultural systems must do more with less: produce more food with less impact. Sustainable agriculture is an urgent global challenge. Science and technology can do much to meet it, but in some quarters of the world their application sparks as much alarm as optimism. Yet time is of the essence. Producers, business, governments and civil society must find lasting solutions that balance global food security, biodiversity, the ecosystem and rural communities.

  • Feeding the world: Where is change needed first and fastest?
  • From techno-optimism to ‘Frankenstein foods’: Achieving a balanced diet
  • Regulators rule: Vested interests versus public concerns
  • With half of the world’s population now living in cities, what is the future of the ‘global countryside’




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