In Tech We Trust?

How will data concerns impact the relationship between governments, corporations and consumers?

The fallout from Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of Facebook data may signal a watershed in the relationship between governments and corporations when it comes to personal data. Data is arguably the most valuable commodity on the planet - and with technology an increasingly pervasive force in our daily lives, there has never been more information available for use. The continued, but uncoordinated, international push for increased regulation and data protection is likely to accelerate. Yet greater oversight is unlikely to mean smooth sailing for corporations, governments and individuals. Rather, it will spark difficult conversations about the balance between the private and public sector, personal privacy and social utility, and to what extent engineers are responsible for the unintended consequences of their code.

• Should tech companies be doing more to support government, law enforcement and national security agencies?
• Where is the line to be drawn between preservation of life and protection of privacy?
• How can businesses respond to the challenge of conflicting and/or competing requirements and regulations across geographies?
• Do consumers have the ability (or the willingness) to force change to business models that rely on their consent to share information?




  • Deputy Director
    Imperial College London Data Science Institute
  • CEO
    APCO Worldwide
  • Editor-at-Large
  • Director, Oxford Analytica
    Senior Research Fellow, Policy Institute, Kings College London
  • Former Deputy Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, USA
    Former CIA Senior Intelligence Service

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