Altered states

Who’s in charge of the international order? The question pre-supposes someone is.

There is much about the global balance of power that is familiar, even to those of us who have been observing it for some time. There is also much that is new as the influence of key states waxes and wanes, new actors take the stage and empowered, sometimes angry, groups of individuals shape outcomes that were previously inconceivable. The development of new technologies, indeed of new industries, is also upending established patterns of power with major implications for business. So, who is best placed to call the shots amid the global flux? Which political systems, values and ideals will survive the blizzard of change? Which of them will take centre stage in a world re-ordered?

  • The US, China, Russia and Europe: Who is winning the contest for global influence?
  • State actors: Will they remain the key interlocutors for firms and citizens?
  • Global problems: How can they be tackled in a ‘fragmenting world’?


  • Senior Policy Adviser, Office of the Chairman
  • Global Fellow, Latin American Programme
    Wilson Center
  • Director of European and Eurasian Studies
    Johns Hopkins University SAIS
  • Associate Research Fellow
    Russia/NIS Center at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)
  • Vice Chairman
    McLarty Associates

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